Why is a Couples Massage Great for Couples?

For couples, it is very normal that they want to do a lot of things together. Nowadays, most of the wish list of couples, also known as “relationship goals”, will usually include minor aspects in life such as traveling together, watching particular concerts and movies, and having the same shoes or shirt.

Of course, the primary goal of the couple is to get to know each other more, spend time together, relax, and have fun. That is why couples massage should also be included in your relationship goals.

Advantages of a Couples Massage

In general, it isn’t a secret that massage has a lot of advantages. But, there are particular benefits that only a couple’s massage is able to offer. Here are some of them:

  • Try and Experience Something New

A couple’s massage isn’t actually an extremely common bonding amongst couples and friends. Having a couple’s massage is certainly going to be something new since the typical activities of couples are often shopping, eating at various restaurants and cafes, watching the latest movies, and much more.

  • Offers Security and Comfort

We’ve got to know that several individuals feel overwhelmed by the idea of a solo massage session. This is particularly true for people who are first-timers and extremely shy. In addition to that, being with a practitioner in a room might simply be too much for that person to handle.

Fortunately, this awkwardness can turn into security and comfort in a couple’s massage since you know that the individual you can rely on is going to be with you during the entire session.

  • Spend Intimate and Quality Time with One Another

By sharing the same experience, a couple’s massage allows two individuals to establish a closer bond. Most of us are already extremely busy with our day-to-day responsibilities and tasks that looking for time to spend with our partner might be an actual struggle.

The couple can catch up during a massage by sharing and discussing their thoughts. This makes the experience meaningful, intimate, and fun.

What Happens During a Session?

First of all, we will first define what a couple’s massage is. It is a type of massage where you and your partner chose to enjoy a massage in a room that has 2 separate massage tables next to one another.

Of course, when you hear “couple’s massage”, you will immediately think that it is only for two individuals in a relationship. However, it really isn’t required that the other person should be your romantic partner. The truth is that you can go to a couple’s massage with your family member, your mom, or your close friend.

So, what happens during a session? Well, there will be 2 different practitioners who will attend for each of you. Typically, the room will have very dim lighting, a candle, aromatherapy, and soothing music, just like any other massage room. Also, you don’t have to choose the same type of massage as your partner. You can choose a different one for you.

Why Invest In Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation has two types, closed-cell, and open-cell. Open cell-spray foam spongy to touch and it is denser compared to closed-cell spray foam insulation, providing a great sound dampening the effect. Also, it is much cheaper compared to a close-cell. Meanwhile, closed-cell insulation is more costly compared to open-cell. However, it poses a lot of great benefits that are worthy to invest in. Here are some of the benefits it provides.

Powerful insulator

Compared to other known insulation types, spray foam insulation is more effective and works better. Since spray foam is inherently expansive, it can seal all crannies and corners tightly, which others usually fail to do. The resistance value of spray foam or its capability to give an air-tight seal made it well-used nowadays.

Greatly helps save energy

Since spray foam is a great and powerful insulator, businesses and families are now able to save a great number of their expenses when it comes to energy. Spray foam insulation has proved to give energy saving with a 50% average or more, not like any other insulation type that usually has a 30% energy saving rate on average.

Moisture barrier

Cracks and holes in your crawl space and walls could allow infiltration of any other substances, aside from air. In fact, moisture and water could reach within these crevices through holes and cracks, especially if you do not seal them. Spray foam insulation is susceptible to water. Meaning, spray foam won’t only protect and seal your crawl space and attic from leaks and airborne moisture, but it won’t seep in the water if flooding will happen within the area compared to other materials.

Prevents mold

Spray foam isn’t only resistant to water, however, it’s made up of an inert polymer that gives no food source for bacteria or mold. An insulated home that utilizes closed-cell insulation can be better protected against mildew and mold.

Air-tight seal

Spray foam insulation has a distinct capability to thoroughly seal cracks and holes in your crawl or attic space. Usually, air leaks are one of the major reasons why you have increased energy consumption. Spray foam insulation can make an amazing airtight seal that’s proven to be multiple times less prone to air infiltration compared to other insulation types.

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